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The Kindly Pit and the Pendulum

I recently finished Jonathan Rauch’s book Kindly Inquisitors, the New Attacks on Free Thought (expanded edition), and I think everyone who would style themselves a modern thinker, and especially a liberal, should read it. For the last decade, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Lies, Prevarication, and Modes of Discourse

“That’s a lie!” Have you ever heard that in a serious science debate? If you have, the debate has crossed over from objective discussion to inference of intent. In the logical mode, there is no such thing as a lie, … Continue reading

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Values and the Definition of Religion

In relation to my last post, a friend of mine on Facebook was not clear on my definition of religion in relation to values, so this is how I replied. Sure, Ed, the word “values” is tricky because when I … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Framing a Scientific Issue

This is not a political entry, but it is about politicization, to elaborate on my post about a liberal credo. I was debating climate change with someone today who, I thought, was not confronting the real questions and stubbornly making … Continue reading

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A Suggested Credo for Liberals

There’s really not much point being a liberal if you don’t acknowledge… that science trumps politics, that being an individual and striving to treat others as individuals trump group identity, that being a victim is a situation to get out … Continue reading

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The Cognitive Science of Religion, Filed Under “Gaming”

http://hubpages.com/hub/The-Cognitive-Science-of-Religion This is a fascinating and important area of inquiry. I used to think that disavowing religion was like denying your blind spot, not because I think that everyone secretly believes in God but rather that if they don’t, they’ll … Continue reading

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Evo psych and politics

Our politics should be based on science, and evolutionary psychology can help us achieve that goal. Read more.

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The Littleton Follies

Lucius read me his 1999 Columbine essay while he was working on it. We argued a bit. I said that maybe the subculture the Littleton shooters immersed themselves in had something to do with it — “all this Goth crap, … Continue reading

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Existentialism and Essentialism Versus Literalism

I decided to take a break from talking about Lucius to address a widespread and dismaying confusion I’ve seen reflected on Facebook since I first joined the site years ago. Existentialism and essentialism aren’t political positions. I’ve seen a couple … Continue reading

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A Great Tool, but a Treacherous Weapon

The proper use of evolutionary psychology in the gender wars is to facilitate a truce. If you have equipped yourself with the logic in order to support the gender or political side you’re identified with in its grievances against another, … Continue reading

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