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How to Dungeon Master, 3: Attributes and the D20

In the early editions of D&D monsters and characters had very different attributes, and you referenced scads of tables to figure out how they affected your chances of succeeding at various actions. My friend Jonathan Tweet changed all that. He … Continue reading

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How to Dungeon Master, 2: Trappings

Since the advent of Dungeons & Dragons, there have been scads of roleplaying games exploring other genres than heroic fantasy. A few have gained serious popularity, like Call of Cthulhu, a horror roleplaying game set in the worlds of writer H.P. … Continue reading

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How to Dungeon Master, 1: Objective

I started running a Dungeons & Dragons campaign for my nephews and a few of their friends about a year ago, and news of the game spread locally. A few adults have expressed interest in learning to be Dungeon Masters. I will … Continue reading

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When identity politics trumps all

In a recent Facebook thread on identity politics, I made the following contribution, with some redaction here. I see a dozen online memes an hour speaking to Trump’s “misogyny” and “racism.” These terms have suffered scope creep. They no longer … Continue reading

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Feminism Dialog, Part 1

My friend Kristin King and I have had several tense but mutually respectful conversations on Facebook where evolution intersects gender politics. We’ve decided to hold a series of conversations about feminism by introducing a subtopic as a post and then … Continue reading

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Do Dungeon Masters roll magic dice?

Tony Daniel at Baen commissioned this article from me. I’d been thinking about the role of self-deception in both creating and appreciating stories.

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Glossary for The Precambrian Conspiracy

The Precambrian Conspiracy is either my public-domain project or the real state of affairs. In either case, feel free to set stories in this universe. Ideas are cheap and this is no exception. However, I ask that you give me … Continue reading

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