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My Geeky Teen Romance

I’m serializing my long YA novel. As the proper audience for this book is nostalgic middle-aged D&D gamer dudes rather than kids, its commercial prospects may be limited. Oh, well, I’m very happy with it.

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Jung, Still Important

Browsing the Quora lists, I stumbled on a thread about whether the death penalty was ever justified. A former FBI agent related a case of a family murder that haunted her. Just her dry recitation of the facts chilled and … Continue reading

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North Boogity

Lucius never called this beautiful town North Bend. He always referred to it as “North Boogity.” That just occurred to me after my run this evening. I remember the first time he came to visit: “Huh, I pictured a seedier … Continue reading

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A Long Trip with Lucius, Part 5

Even in his mid-fifties, as he was during this trip, Lucius had a sullen-teenager relationship with God the Father. I don’t quite mean this literally. Lucius didn’t profess a belief in God and tended to mock those who did. On … Continue reading

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