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Civilized Argument Online

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been involved in a private Facebook group that has sought to bring ideological opponents together to discuss contentious issues. I was part of the moderating staff for a few months, and I gave … Continue reading

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Glossary for The Precambrian Conspiracy

The Precambrian Conspiracy is either my public-domain project or the real state of affairs. In either case, feel free to set stories in this universe. Ideas are cheap and this is no exception. However, I ask that you give me … Continue reading

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Strange Toys: Beyond Holo Glasses

First, start here: We will see this consumer technology mature over the next decade. As with the other Strange Toys I’ve described, there will be a biomechanical convergence, creating a breakdown between the subjective and objective worlds of many … Continue reading

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Strange Toys: The Author App

I’ve been trying to dig up a citation for a quote I heard on NPR long ago, which I believe was attributed to Robert Giroux of the publishing house Farrar, Straus and Giroux. It’s to the effect of “I publish … Continue reading

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The Singularity Con, and Abraxas

Vanity Fair has posted an excellent article on Singulatarians among the high-tech community, boosters like Ray Kurzweil and also skeptics. I find gurus like Kurzweil and Diamandis fun and intriguing, and also a bit alarming, very smart guys who … Continue reading

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