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Plug for The Busybody

Back when I was younger and more naive and made controversial Facebook posts (at least a month ago), I had a few friends say to me, “I don’t always agree with you, but I find your posts thought-provoking.” I should … Continue reading

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For millennia, people would avoid speaking or writing the name of a divine or infernal being, for fear of summoning their attention. This is no longer mere superstition. I can draw the gaze of daunting people on Facebook, so I’m … Continue reading

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A Long Trip with Lucius, Part 6

At six a.m., full dark, Lucius killed the nagging alarm clock with several badly aimed swats. We hastily dressed, took brief turns in the bathroom for essentials but no showers, and got checked out. Gullivar drove. The last night’s fog … Continue reading

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The One that Got Away

I recently went on a camping trip with my family to the Crooked River, where I took the picture attached to this installment of the gamer novel. When I originally wrote the camping chapters back in 1998, I’d been going … Continue reading

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Writing, Evo Psych, Fiction — What’s the Heck Is This Blog About?

To those of you regularly checking in, this blog may seem to be unfocused and amorphous. I hope to show that it’s simply got a long arc. Just now, I posted the twenty-second chapter of my 1980s precocious-young-gamers novel, just … Continue reading

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Two Books to Read and Re-read

I’ve been collecting thoughts offline about the dismaying politicization of science by the left and right. The file has gotten long. It occurs to me that if you read just two books with close attention, you’ll be equipped to cut … Continue reading

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Northwest Vignettes

This guy below was not like my dad, who was Catholic and, arguably, Buddhist. I did not live in this house, but I experienced this day, and watched the mountain from outside Portland. This is an odd book. For those … Continue reading

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“On the Nose” and the Value of Play

Lucius introduced me to the phrase “on the nose” in criticizing a passage I wrote: “In this bit where the guy’s wife is asking him questions, it’s too on-the-nose. People don’t usually talk like this, pursuing a straight-line goal. They … Continue reading

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Now You See It . . . Now You Still See It

I’ve been preoccupied the last couple of months with uprooting from the Seattle area and relocating in central Oregon, trying to build a new social network, and doing a bit of work retraining. I’ll pick up the account of my … Continue reading

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