Writing, Evo Psych, Fiction — What’s the Heck Is This Blog About?

To those of you regularly checking in, this blog may seem to be unfocused and amorphous. I hope to show that it’s simply got a long arc. Just now, I posted the twenty-second chapter of my 1980s precocious-young-gamers novel, just past the halfway point, and will get the rest of the book up within a month or so. I explore a lot of my own history and my obsessions in it. Dip in at any point, and see if what’s going on is of interest, and feel free to nitpick it in the comments. A book can never be nitpicked enough, and I’m not touchy.

I will finish my recollection of the road trip with Lucius Shepard. I don’t want to be “the Lucius Guy,” but a few friends want to know more about him and I want to set it down before it fades from memory.

I may or may not publish a series of ruminations I’ve written down on gender politics and evo psych. If I don’t, well, I don’t. If I do, well, I hope I exhaust the topic for myself in short order.

With that done, I’ll have the territory of this blog well circumscribed, and I’ll focus in on one or two topics that can hang together.

About robertpkruger

Writer, editor, and software developer. Former president of ElectricStory.com.
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