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Vampires, and Worse

Tess said, “I summon light and jump!” “You hear the baron yell as he leaps. A ball of pale, heatless flame appears in your fist, and Arslan and Dirk are beside you. Your arm is covered in insects. They tear … Continue reading

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Unfriending People on Facebook

I unfriended this jerk on Facebook today. He was hitting me with some PC/right-wing/left-wing bullshit and… No, actually I didn’t. I’ve got over 750 connections on Facebook, and I’ve never unfriended anyone other than strangers clearly looking to scam me. … Continue reading

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Dungeons, Dragons, Oblimids, and Archetypes: What You’ll Find Here

Geeky stuff, mostly. I’m an editor, student of multiple languages, gamer, and software developer, interested in science and especially evolution and its products, from strange creatures to the even stranger human mind. I’ve worked for Wizards of the Coast and Microsoft Games, among … Continue reading

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Evo psych and politics

Our politics should be based on science, and evolutionary psychology can help us achieve that goal. Read more.

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Adventures in Low Serotonin

About five years ago, I noticed that Lucius had been making a lot of typos on the story and essay drafts he sent me and on his Facebook posts. I brought this up during one of our phone talks, and … Continue reading

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Age of Monsters, Chapter 5: Court Intrigue, with Assassins

Steve pisses off a girl at school, and she recruits “friends” to do her dirty work for her. Chapter 5

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Age of Monsters Chapter 4, Megaera

Tess enters Steve’s gaming lair and claims a position of authority, for both herself and her alter-ego, the dark priestess Megaera. Chapter 4

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Age of Monsters Chapter 3, The Campaign

I’ve posted chapters two and three. Steve and his cohort of gamers prepare themselves and their game to accept a new player. Chapter 3.

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