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Lies, Prevarication, and Modes of Discourse

“That’s a lie!” Have you ever heard that in a serious science debate? If you have, the debate has crossed over from objective discussion to inference of intent. In the logical mode, there is no such thing as a lie, … Continue reading

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Scalia, Naive Essentialism, and Evolution

I’ve lain relatively low on Facebook this past year, becoming more circumspect. Before posting, I weigh the importance of any controversial statement I have to make, and increasingly I let it go. This seems to have improved my relationships with … Continue reading

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Values and the Definition of Religion

In relation to my last post, a friend of mine on Facebook was not clear on my definition of religion in relation to values, so this is how I replied. Sure, Ed, the word “values” is tricky because when I … Continue reading

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Secularism, and Pounding on Religion

Here’s a redacted set of outtakes from my side of religion Facebook arguments I’ve been having. Of course they’re inspired by the tragedy in France. I’d really like to be done with this, but as soon as I’m out, they … Continue reading

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The Fall, and the Avatar

I’m no theology expert, so you should take my observations on theology with reservation. I’m also not a proselytizer or apologist, only a guy with ideas. If you’re okay with that, then keep reading. I don’t intend for this to … Continue reading

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The Tao, Revisited

One of my friends on Facebook argued with my religion post. He thinks that I’m lumping philosophy and even science in with religion, remarking essentially — if I understand his point — that the Tao is just another word for … Continue reading

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The Cognitive Science of Religion, Filed Under “Gaming”

http://hubpages.com/hub/The-Cognitive-Science-of-Religion This is a fascinating and important area of inquiry. I used to think that disavowing religion was like denying your blind spot, not because I think that everyone secretly believes in God but rather that if they don’t, they’ll … Continue reading

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Arguing Evolution on Facebook

Here’s a redacted transcript of a discussion on evolution that I conducted on Facebook. It ranged into the familiar territory of religion and politics. I think some very interesting points were made. Many thanks to my friend Ken McGlothlen for … Continue reading

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