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Born Religious

Not all but most of my atheist friends think religion is just comforting lies, a retreat from hard realities into infantile fantasy. And, hey, to the extent they point at silly literalist ideas about such things as Noah and the … Continue reading

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The Ancient Singularity; or, The Precambrian Conspiracy: The Canon

I am not a fan of grand conspiracy theories involving ancient astronauts and/or aliens. (And the idea that rich people control everything is not a conspiracy theory but observable fact.) The Precambrian Conspiracy is not another conspiracy theory; it is … Continue reading

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The Cognitive Science of Religion, Filed Under “Gaming” This is a fascinating and important area of inquiry. I used to think that disavowing religion was like denying your blind spot, not because I think that everyone secretly believes in God but rather that if they don’t, they’ll … Continue reading

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Plug for The Busybody

Back when I was younger and more naive and made controversial Facebook posts (at least a month ago), I had a few friends say to me, “I don’t always agree with you, but I find your posts thought-provoking.” I should … Continue reading

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Existentialism and Essentialism Versus Literalism

I decided to take a break from talking about Lucius to address a widespread and dismaying confusion I’ve seen reflected on Facebook since I first joined the site years ago. Existentialism and essentialism aren’t political positions. I’ve seen a couple … Continue reading

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Arguing Evolution on Facebook

Here’s a redacted transcript of a discussion on evolution that I conducted on Facebook. It ranged into the familiar territory of religion and politics. I think some very interesting points were made. Many thanks to my friend Ken McGlothlen for … Continue reading

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