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Do Unto Others…

… As You Would Have Them Do Unto You is axiomatic. It’s baked into the universe. All your attempts to claim an exemption will not help you create a finer morality. Sam Harris’s project to make a science of morality … Continue reading

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An Apology for Biotech

I would like to tone down unfocused alarm over GM tech, not the application of it but the tech itself. For about eighty years, companies have induced random mutations in plants with high radiation, analogous to blind surgery performed with … Continue reading

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Appealing to Nature, Just a Bit

I was just re-reading a long, fascinating and very heated evo-psych thread I started on Facebook late last year, and toward the end it veered off into philosophy. A very smart author friend of mine has strenuously argued for adopting a … Continue reading

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A Great Tool, but a Treacherous Weapon

The proper use of evolutionary psychology in the gender wars is to facilitate a truce. If you have equipped yourself with the logic in order to support the gender or political side you’re identified with in its grievances against another, … Continue reading

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Liberalism and Evolutionary Psychology

Liberalism is not so much a political philosophy; it’s the discipline of the scientific method, of rejecting logical fallacies in argument, admitting the limited reach of your paradigms, and keeping yourself open to new information. Humans are not naturally liberal, and not … Continue reading

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On Bradbury, Minorities, and Diversity

My teenage daughter was reading Fahrenheit 451 and came to me to discuss it. She’d been struggling with the idea in the book that the grievances of interest groups led to totalitarianism and book burning. She’d always assumed minorities foster diversity … Continue reading

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