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What the Manipulators Don’t Want You to Know

My wife reported that hospital charity care-costs in Oregon have been reduced by a third due to Obamacare. Why did it take so long to begin reforming healthcare? It’s amazing the irrational crap we put up with, isn’t it? But … Continue reading

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Two Books to Read and Re-read

I’ve been collecting thoughts offline about the dismaying politicization of science by the left and right. The file has gotten long. It occurs to me that if you read just two books with close attention, you’ll be equipped to cut … Continue reading

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“On the Nose” and the Value of Play

Lucius introduced me to the phrase “on the nose” in criticizing a passage I wrote: “In this bit where the guy’s wife is asking him questions, it’s too on-the-nose. People don’t usually talk like this, pursuing a straight-line goal. They … Continue reading

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Dungeons, Dragons, Oblimids, and Archetypes: What You’ll Find Here

Geeky stuff, mostly. I’m an editor, student of multiple languages, gamer, and software developer, interested in science and especially evolution and its products, from strange creatures to the even stranger human mind. I’ve worked for Wizards of the Coast and Microsoft Games, among … Continue reading

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Evo psych and politics

Our politics should be based on science, and evolutionary psychology can help us achieve that goal. Read more.

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Adventures in Low Serotonin

About five years ago, I noticed that Lucius had been making a lot of typos on the story and essay drafts he sent me and on his Facebook posts. I brought this up during one of our phone talks, and … Continue reading

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Jung, Still Important

Browsing the Quora lists, I stumbled on a thread about whether the death penalty was ever justified. A former FBI agent related a case of a family murder that haunted her. Just her dry recitation of the facts chilled and … Continue reading

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Liberalism and Evolutionary Psychology

Liberalism is not so much a political philosophy; it’s the discipline of the scientific method, of rejecting logical fallacies in argument, admitting the limited reach of your paradigms, and keeping yourself open to new information. Humans are not naturally liberal, and not … Continue reading

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