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Glossary for The Precambrian Conspiracy

The Precambrian Conspiracy is either my public-domain project or the real state of affairs. In either case, feel free to set stories in this universe. Ideas are cheap and this is no exception. However, I ask that you give me … Continue reading

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Dungeons & Dragons: How You Play

I’ve recently introduced my young nephews to D&D, and that inspired me to write a how-to series, which Loren Rosson III has been hosting on his excellent blog The Busybody. I’m gratified and humbled he’s supported the project. I started … Continue reading

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Liberalism Needs a Housecleaning

After this post, I hope to leave off religion and politics for a while. I’m a liberal and liberal apologist but also a philosophical conservative, meaning I’m more into Adam Smith than Karl Marx, more into Plato and Lao Tzu than Nietzsche. … Continue reading

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Essential D&D on The Busybody

Last month, I introduced my nephews Max and Eli and their friend Griffin to D&D. I hadn’t played in a while, and I needed to get back up to speed. I waded through several old rulebooks and also the Pathfinder … Continue reading

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A Wistful Day

1. Sigh. Terry Pratchett died today. Lucius and I shared a room at Worldcon in 2002, and we and Terry Bisson ran into Sir Terry at the hotel bar. When the topic of my then-infant daughter came up, he shared … Continue reading

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Name Change

At the urging of my wife and daughter, I’m changing the name of my blog. “Bestiary in Progress” was too geeky for them. My daughter suggested “Far Green Country” — a nod to Tolkien — and I like it. I … Continue reading

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Religion’s Role in Society: A Brief Summary

Today fundamentalist Muslims assassinated cartoonists in France, inciting understandable outrage among my friends at not just the act but dogmatic religion in general. A friend of mine blamed religion and insisted it had to go. After making my usual disclaimer that … Continue reading

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