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The Ancient Singularity; or, The Precambrian Conspiracy: Part 1

Those who earnestly push conspiracy theories are occasionally both na├»ve and grandiose. Their claim to extraordinary insight is sometimes at odds with the intellectual talent they display. Without knowing better, one might suspect their pet conspiracy inflates their self-importance to … Continue reading

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Joe Midlist, the End of an Archetype

The following is from a post I made several months ago in a Facebook group I started. I founded the ebook company and have run it for fourteen years, publishing a few top authors in fantasy and science fiction, … Continue reading

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Plug for The Busybody

Back when I was younger and more naive and made controversial Facebook posts (at least a month ago), I had a few friends say to me, “I don’t always agree with you, but I find your posts thought-provoking.” I should … Continue reading

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For millennia, people would avoid speaking or writing the name of a divine or infernal being, for fear of summoning their attention. This is no longer mere superstition. I can draw the gaze of daunting people on Facebook, so I’m … Continue reading

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Unfriending People on Facebook

I unfriended this jerk on Facebook today. He was hitting me with some PC/right-wing/left-wing bullshit and… No, actually I didn’t. I’ve got over 750 connections on Facebook, and I’ve never unfriended anyone other than strangers clearly looking to scam me. … Continue reading

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