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The Half-Baked Guide to Better D&D, Part 2: Beginner’s Mind

Dirk the Thief has been down on his luck. He’s worried about where his next meal is coming from. He needs a score. At the local inn, a shady guy is recruiting adventurers to plunder the monster-haunted multi-level Labyrinth of … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence Run Amok

Just now on Facebook, one of the many science-fiction writers on my friends list asked how likely a fully conscious AI would be to copy itself and then turn on us. I’d never given it much thought until now. Here’s … Continue reading

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For millennia, people would avoid speaking or writing the name of a divine or infernal being, for fear of summoning their attention. This is no longer mere superstition. I can draw the gaze of daunting people on Facebook, so I’m … Continue reading

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Dungeons, Dragons, Oblimids, and Archetypes: What You’ll Find Here

Geeky stuff, mostly. I’m an editor, student of multiple languages, gamer, and software developer, interested in science and especially evolution and its products, from strange creatures to the even stranger human mind. I’ve worked for Wizards of the Coast and Microsoft Games, among … Continue reading

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Life is a game, redux

Life is a game. Maybe playing smaller games can help you win. Read this.

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So what’s an “oblimid”?

About a decade ago at the World Fantasy Convention, I shared my idea for a gruesome parasitic monster with my good friend Dr. Rob Furey, a zoology professor. He praised the concept and encouraged me to do something with it, but as I don’t … Continue reading

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