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Plug for The Busybody

Back when I was younger and more naive and made controversial Facebook posts (at least a month ago), I had a few friends say to me, “I don’t always agree with you, but I find your posts thought-provoking.” I should … Continue reading

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“On the Nose” and the Value of Play

Lucius introduced me to the phrase “on the nose” in criticizing a passage I wrote: “In this bit where the guy’s wife is asking him questions, it’s too on-the-nose. People don’t usually talk like this, pursuing a straight-line goal. They … Continue reading

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Dungeons, Dragons, Oblimids, and Archetypes: What You’ll Find Here

Geeky stuff, mostly. I’m an editor, student of multiple languages, gamer, and software developer, interested in science and especially evolution and its products, from strange creatures to the even stranger human mind. I’ve worked for Wizards of the Coast and Microsoft Games, among … Continue reading

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Life is a game, redux

Life is a game. Maybe playing smaller games can help you win. Read this.

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Life is a game

“Life is a game.” Technology takes the metaphor in new directions. Read more…

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