What you’ll find here

Games, fantasy, science, and philosophy. I’m an editor, student of several languages, gamer, and software developer, interested in science and especially evolution and its products, from strange creatures to the even stranger human mind. I’ve worked for Wizards of the Coast and Microsoft Games, among other entertainment companies, and I ran ElectricStory.com, an e-publisher and software development firm, for nineteen years. If you read fantasy and science fiction, you’ve no doubt heard of its former authors: George R.R. Martin, Lisa Tuttle, Howard Waldrop, John Crowley, Michael Bishop, Lucius Shepard, and others. I do some science consulting for Hollywood, and I’ve started a video blog with the senior editor of a publishing house and a scientist, called Rulers in Hell.

I’m also a writer, and I started this blog to explore the things I like to put into my fiction. If you like what you read here, maybe you’ll enjoy spending time with my characters and stories too.

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  1. Tobias R. says:

    Hey Mr Kruger,
    since I repeatedly stumble over your name in relation with L. Shepard, I want to direct a request at yours. I’m editor an publisher of a german language story magazine for speculative fiction, an enthusiasts venture called IF Magazin under the Imprint of Whitetrain-Verlag. The latter’s name points in direction of my quest: I’d very much like to get translated and to publish Shepard’s poem White Trains. Beeing as it is, his literary estate seems ungoverned, I already tried to find someone with reliable ressource about it and failed. Would you know, whom I should talk to about this or if there at all is any chance to get legal permission to do what I itend?
    Thanks up front.

    Best regards,

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